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Connecting the Dots


“Connect-the-dots” is a tagline used to explain the joining of scripture based homilies to one or more Catholic Catechism elements in an environment which recognizes the unique beauty of Catholicism.    The phrase is intended as a way (but certainly not the only way) to draw attention to fact that   Catholicism is the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself.  One should understand two basic premises in order to accept the legitimacy of “connecting the dots”.

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Our Models

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What Can I DO?

Catholic Complacency exists because it’s been allowed to; perhaps even cultivated by those entrusted with helping us gain our salvation. 

Great leadership combats Complacency!   So, what can ordinary good lay people do?  Click here for a short list for your consideration.



Exemplary Leaders


From time to time, 4C Today may recognize those who validate the mission of 4C Today.  These leaders may come from the ranks of clergy or laity, and in either the public or private sectors.  We’ll present a brief recap of their statements here, and, if possible, provide a link to the article for your full attention.  Those whom we highlight may also receive a Letter of Recognition and Thanks from 4C Today.   You’re invited to do so as well if you choose.    Visit this page often to see whom we’ve recognized.  



Bishop Fulton J. Sheen


In 1951, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen launched a weekly television show, "Life is Worth Living." The program, running opposite such TV stalwarts as Lucille Ball and Milton Berle, drew millions of viewers. At that time, religion and patriotism seemed unlikely theme subjects for a single TV show. But as Archbishop Timothy Dolan has said, "He showed the broad American public that the truths of our (Catholic) Faith were consonant with the highest values of the society; patriotism, God, Family, and the struggle against Communism". America was a country skeptical that Catholics were truly American. In 1953, Bishop Sheen, delivering one of his most famous documentaries denouncing Joseph Stalin, convinced the American public that you could be both, and that the two went hand-in-hand.


In addition to his anti-Communist positions, Bishop Sheen was a strong advocate for Civil Rights with his anti-racist messages pre-dating the Civil Rights movement. Some experts have stated that Bishop Sheen's popularity, and his effectiveness in changing the perception of American Catholics, enabled the election of the country's first Catholic President in 1960. When not using the new age media of television to deliver his Salvation message, Bishop Sheen was a frequent speaker at numerous clergy events, addressing both priests and bishops. He never stepped back from professing the Gospel of Life, regardless of his audience.

In today's vernacular, He Made A Difference!

In 2002, some 83 years following his ordination, efforts to canonize Bishop Sheen were initiated by Bishop Daniel R. Jenky of the Diocese of Peoria Illinois, Bishops Sheen's home diocese. 4CToday is proud, and at the same time, humbled, to recognize Bishop Fulton J. Sheen as an example of the kind of Spiritual Leadership required in our country today. We present him as a model for all of us to follow. We pray for his elevation to Sainthood. ... More ...

Fr. Frank Pavone

Frank PavoneFr. Frank Pavone, from Priests for Life, has been in the forefront of the battle against the Culture of Death since 1993.  His organization tirelessly battles abortion, euthanasia, homosexual marriage etc., from public streets to parish pulpits.


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