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Connecting the Dots


“Connect-the-dots” is a tagline used to explain the joining of scripture based homilies to one or more Catholic Catechism elements in an environment which recognizes the unique beauty of Catholicism.    The phrase is intended as a way (but certainly not the only way) to draw attention to fact that   Catholicism is the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself.  One should understand two basic premises in order to accept the legitimacy of “connecting the dots”.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

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What Can I DO?

Catholic Complacency exists because it’s been allowed to; perhaps even cultivated by those entrusted with helping us gain our salvation. 

Great leadership combats Complacency!   So, what can ordinary good lay people do?  Click here for a short list for your consideration.



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Table of Contents

  1. What is 4C Today ... ?
  2. What is the ultimate goal of 4C Today ... ?
  3. What Catholic Authority empowers 4C Today ... ?
  4. Doesn't 4C Today need sanctioning from the USCCB ... ?
  5. My pastor is awfully quiet when it comes to Pro Life matters.  Is there anything we can do to encourage him to speak out on Life issues? We certainly don’t want to offend him or show any disrespect ...
  6. I really like the approach 4CToday has taken. How can I become a part of this effort? ...

What is 4C Today ... ?


4C Today is a grass roots Pro Life Catholic laity organization with a dual purpose.


4C TODAY is a Pro Life organization of Catholic laity concerned about the apathy and complacency prevalent within the Catholic community of the United States. We believe we are experiencing a leadership crisis; a crisis that can be addressed by empowered faithful Catholic lay people.  Our mission is to encourage parish clergy to boldly and clearly proclaim the beauty of Catholicism.  We aim to be a positive force in helping RE-evangelize the Church in the United States, increasing the number of Catholics who regularly attend Mass and receive the Sacraments.   A stronger, larger base of Catholics becomes a more formidable force against the Culture of Death. 


We seek to create grassroots movements within Catholic parishes to encourage local clergy to more boldly and clearly proclaim the beauty of Catholicism so as to increase the number of Catholics actively practicing their faith through regular participation at Mass and in the Sacraments.  Preaching Pro Life matters to near-empty pews is fruitless.  4CToday exists to identify specific actions that lay people can take to restore a culture of life in our country through effective dialog with our parish pastors, priest, and Deacons.  We seek to attack Catholic complacency, through the leadership of our clergy, at the encouragement of empowered laity.

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What is the ultimate goal of 4C Today... ?


Our ultimate objective is an end to legalized abortion, protection of traditional marriage and religious freedom in the United States by significantly reducing the current level of apathy and complacency in the Church as evidenced in both clergy and lay people.  The key to attaining tis goal is the RE-evangelization of the Church in the United States; increasing the knowledge level of the Faith among Catholics and developing an attitude of “I’m (humbly) proud to be Catholic.”


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What Catholic Authority empowers 4C Today ... ?


Our authority to act is recognized in three areas; The Bible, The Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).


As Catholics, we are called to be instruments of God's work on earth. We are called, as Jesus followers, to testify to the truth. In John 18:37 Jesus said "For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth." Earlier in John 14:6 Jesus proclaims, "I am the way, the truth and the Life". Further in John 14:12, Jesus continues, "Amen, Amen I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do". Lastly Psalm 143:10 asks; "Teach me to do your will for you are my God. May your kind spirit guide me on ground that is level?"


The role of Catholic Laity is defined in Paragraphs 897 through 913 of the Catholic Catechism. While the points contained in these paragraphs are too numerous for inclusion here, we specifically reference Paragraph 899 (" ... especially when the matter involves discovering or inventing the means for permeating social, political and economic realities with the demand of Christian doctrine and Life." and Paragraph 900 (.... they have the right and duty, individually or grouped in associations to work so that the divine message of salvation may be known and accepted by all men throughout the earth.")


Further support of lay Catholic involvement resides within the Pro Life Pastoral plan of the USCCB. Interested individuals may access it at www.usccb.org/prolife/pastoralplan.shtml.

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Doesn't 4C Today need sanctioning from the USCCB ...


No. Sufficient Biblical, USCCB writings, and the Catechism justify and empower the laity to action.  


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My pastor is awfully quiet when it comes to Pro Life matters.  Is there anything we can do to encourage him to speak out on Life issues?  We certainly don’t want to offend him or show any disrespect ...


You are absolutely correct.  In any contact with our church clergy, Respect must be our Number One guideline.  As the priestly representative of Jesus, we must always remember that he has been chosen to be the Shepherd of your parish flock.  If your Bishop is Pro Life, share some of his writings with your pastor.  Learn more about the Church’s teaching on Abortion and the other non-negotiable items and ask your pastor to include some reference to  these in a homily, especially in October (Respect Life Month) or January (Anniversary of Roe-v-Wade).  You might consider asking your Parish’s Pro Life Ministry for assistance in dealing with him. 


A more subtle approach, and the one sponsored by 4C Today, is to encourage your parish priests to connect scripture based homilies to/with Catholic doctrine.  It is our belief that the more he does so, church attendance will increase, and he will become more comfortable in addressing Pro Life matters, and other potentially unpopular topics.  This is the primary tactic of the 4C Today Mission.

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I really like the approach 4CToday has taken.  How can I become a part of this effort? ...

There are always things to do to help keep 4CToday running.  Donations (Tax deductible), which help defray the cost of running the website, our postage, and all of the written materials are always needed and welcomed.  (All of us are volunteers; we have no payroll.) After your prayers, your respectful interactions with your parish priests will do a lot to lessen the level of apathy and complacency in your parish.  4C Today welcomes your involvement!


If you are good at giving compliments, have a good relationship with your pastor, and believe you can offer constructive ideas to him in a positive way, you may be just the person your parish needs to help with its RE-evangelization effort.  We offer a complete plan to guide you.  We can and will support you along the way.  Contact us for more specific information on how to create a 4C Today group in your parish.  (Hint:  the group does not need to be large to be effective.)  See the tab, Volunteering, under the “About Us” tab.

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